This was a Christmas present for my boyfriend, and oh boy, do we both LOVE it!

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This was a Christmas present for my boyfriend, and oh boy, do we both LOVE it! This has multiple vibration settings, the ring is very stretchy and comfortable for him, and it works fine with a condom. This is a very fun toy to bring into the bedroom and also small enough to put in your purse 😉 Plus, who doesn’t love the cute shape?? I would highly recommend this product!! —Danielle Sosa, Amazon reviewer

This flogger is my girlfriend’s favorite. It has a nice sting to it, is easily aimed accurately, and is just the right width and length for targeted impacts that aren’t too harsh.

Bad purchase for you guys reading this review, unless you’re trying to get rid of your significant other…if that’s the case, then I would give this five stars. 10/10 would purchase again.

When you’re shopping for the best clitoral vibrators, know that all vibes are technically clit vibes because you can use nearly anything to tease that area. (Even nipple stimulators and dildos count if you’re willing to get creative.) But there are a few main categories that are designed to focus either partially or exclusively on the clitoris: external vibrators, rabbit vibes, and suction toys. (And just a heads-up—the vast majority are compatible only with water-based lube.)

“I love that this is unobtrusive and so easy to hold and makes it easy for my husband to ‘steer’ it during intercourse. It’s also sexy because it feels like an extension of your fingers instead of an inanimate object. I used to use a larger but still small vibrator that was harder to fit in between us during sex and easy to slip out of position at inopportune moments. I think it is strong enough, it’s not a super-duper-powerful vibrator but most people probably don’t need that.”

One of the brand’s newest sex toys, this dual vibrator allows for blended climaxes—and in our Lelo Ida Wave review, a Glamour writer found it helped her break her personal orgasm record. We’re obsessed with its come-hither motion, which offers G-spot stimulation without requiring any fingers. And you’ll love that the extra-soft silicone toy is app-controlled, allowing you to maximize your pleasure with the tap of a button. Oh, and did we mention that it’s waterproof?

This dual stimulator hits both G-spot and clit, plus your partner’s penis, with 10 vibration modes. As far as couple’s vibrators go, it’s one of the easiest (and most powerful) available anywhere. Partners can use the included remote control or the We-Connect app for playtime, either in the same room or during long-distance relationships.

Long story short, don’t skimp! Buy this one! Quality is great, firmness is perfect, and it’s done wonders for me and my spouse!

So I tried it, loved it. Felt so good I melted. It has the right amount of length that it targets the good spot. The wiggle monster was amazing, and I adore how it vibrates my clit and moves inside me to get me to moan like crazy. I couldn’t stop my body from fighting not to take it out since it felt so good. Battery life is long, and it’s super easy to clean. Loved the remote control, so I can be spontaneous and do some foreplay outdoors or around the house if I wanted. Product looks exactly like the image. This pretty cat loves her new toy.

Ever wish you could get head during masturbation or while you’re submerged in the tub? This compact, easy-to-grip toy will make that fantasy a reality. Like other suction toys, it forms a seal around your clit and gently teases it with five patterns and five intensity levels of air pulses. And while the real thing needs a break every once in a while, this thing will keep you rolling for up to two hours at a time. That’s not all we like about the Dame Aer, though; the toy’s decidedly modern and streamlined design (plus its periwinkle hue) makes this a design-forward choice for your sexual wellness collection. Read our Dame Aer review for even more laurels.

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