Fleshlight is the biggest name in the stroker game

Fleshlight is the biggest name in the stroker game, and for good reason: the ribbed texture inside this one is ultra-stimulating. The Quickshot differs from your standard Fleshlight, though, in that it’s open on both ends—which makes cleanup less messy and annoying, and also means a partner can use this toy on the base of your shaft while giving you oral sex.

Data were analyzed using SPSS v.27. One-sample t-tests were used to compare (a) collected data on Insertable Length to the average human erect penis length of 5.16 inches (13.12 cm; Veale et al., Citation2015), and (b) mean Circumference of our sample to that of the average circumference of the erect human penis, 4.59 inches (11.66 cm; Veale et al., Citation2015).

“My aim was to create a brand sold in mainstream retail, focusing on beauty and health stores, to send a strong message that sexual pleasure is important for overall wellbeing, a fact that has been scientifically documented in studies,” says Gasnault. From releasing a cocktail of hormones in the body that boost the mood and reduce cortisol levels, to alleviating pain and enhancing sleep, the benefits of self-pleasure are numerous – and within easy reach. All that’s required is knowledge of your own body. “We’ve also found that when a woman is comfortable enough with herself to own a vibrator and masturbate, she is usually better at vulva and breast check-ups too, so really it’s better for our overall health,” Gasnault points out. It’s also worth noting that studies have found a positive correlation between self-pleasure and improved immunity, too.

Cons: May not be powerful enough for some users; can be hard to hold onto when hands are lubey

First and foremost: because they’re fun and they feel good! True to their name, sex toys inspire playfulness and experimentation. Sure, there’s a lot you can do with just your two bodies, but your options expand exponentially when you introduce toys into the equation. “Sex toys can provide new kinds of stimulation to key erogenous zones,” explains Elizabeth Ashford, founder of sexual wellness website Beyond the Beez. Getting off the old-fashioned way feels good, but aren’t you curious about what else is possible?

It can be a little intimidating to broach the topic of toys with a partner if you’ve never used them together before, so start small. “I would recommend starting with discussing using a small vibrator, or bring it out during sex and ask if it is okay to use,” Dr. Reed advises. “Many people are open to using a small sex toy externally. It is more of a concern when one person buys a toy to insert [into] another person and does not discuss it first.”

How to Use: If desired, slip your fingers through the removable tether for a more secure grip. Hold down the button to turn the toy on or off, and use the same button to cycle through its intensity settings.

Sex toys without lube and massages without oil are two things we can not abide by. From toy-safe, water-based serums to oil-based options, we have something for every situation that could use a little more slip.

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